Career Overview

  • Malcolm McGuire – A Career Defined by its Experiences

    FriendsMalcolm has had a diverse career with a wide range of experience. He grew up in the construction business with his father owning a large general contracting firm in West Texas. At the age of 10, Malcolm was already working all of his summers on a construction crew. Additionally, on the family’s Arkansas ranches, McGuire & Sons were raising registered poll Hereford cattle.

    From this point on, Malcolm’s life falls into three distinct phases, all of which prepared him for his life’s work and enhanced his ability to serve his clients.

    Church Ministry – Phase I

    At the age of 18, Malcolm was already pastoring a Southern Baptist church, one of the youngest ordained ministers in the nation. He pastored churches throughout an eight year educational experience in Arkansas, Texas, and Indiana. Upon receiving his post graduate degree from Southern Seminary, he went on to pastor American Baptist churches in Indiana and Colorado. During these eight years he additionally served on numerous national denominational boards and committees.

    At the age of 32, Malcolm experienced a rare eye infection due to stress and tension, having handled a large load of personal and professional responsibilities at a relatively young age. Upon the recommendation of his doctor, he made a dramatic vocational change, accepting a position as a stockbroker with Boettcher and Company, at that time the most prestigious investment banking firm in the Rocky Mountain region. Within 4 years, he was a partner of the firm. Having weathered the disastrous economic downturn of 1973-74, Malcolm is no stranger to tough economic environments.

    Investment Broker – Phase II

    The capital markets are no place for amateurs. Ultimately it is experience and a record of proven success that really counts.

    Malcolm has been a large producer, partner, officer, and manager for four major Wall Street firms. He has also done financial planning for executives of Fortune 500 companies, taught continuing education for CPA’s, and conducted public financial planning seminars.

    At all of these four firms, he received honors and recognition for special expertise in sophisticated investment areas as well as a major raiser of new capital.

    » Special Partner, Boettcher & Company

    Malcolm was also a member of the Boettcher Century Club

    » Vice-President, EF Hutton

    Positions, as a part of EF Hutton, included manager of the Greeley office, founder of the Fort Collins office, sales manager of the Denver office, Rocky Mtn. Regional Coordinator for fixed income, member of Founder’s Club, member of George Ellis Society and a member of the Advanced Tax Shelter Group.

    » Vice-President, Kidder Peabody

    One of the founders of the Denver Kidder Peabody office, as well as Tax Shelter Coordinator for the office. In addition Malcolm assisted with interviewing and hiring.

    » Vice-President, Prudential Bache

    Managed direct investments for the office, as well as maintaining a high personal level of sales production. With over 20 offices in his region, stretching from Denver to San Francisco, Malcolm ranked in the top tier in placing direct investments including real estate, oil and gas, horses, subsidized housing, and airplane leasing.

    Consultant – Phase III

    The brokerage business was changing as large firms increasingly relegated brokers to “finders of capital“, which the firm would then manage on behalf of the client.

    Tired of being a purveyor of product, Malcolm took his experience and began applying it to the world of young emerging companies, where America’s future was being formed and investor wealth was being created.

    His business for the last 27 years has been both national and international. The following is a list of cities and countries where Malcolm has been active in doing business and accessing capital on behalf of his clients.:

    Denver Los Angeles San Diego Zurich Geneva San Antonio
    Phoenix Minneapolis Milwaukee Paris Brussels Sand Point, Idaho
    Atlanta Houston Providence Luxemborg Falls River, Mass. Oklahoma City
    Boston New York London Beirut Kuwait Dallas
    Chicago Seattle Saudi Arabia Norway Amsterdam Austin

    This list of areas of activity is only representative of a much more all inclusive geographical compilation of areas of client service in the last 27 years.

    Education of Malcolm McGuire

    • Abilene High School – Abilene, Texas (degree)
    • Ouachita University – Arkadelphia, Arkansas
    • Hardin Simmons University – Abilene, Texas (degree)
    • Southern Baptist Theological Seminary – Louisville, Kentucky (degree)

    It should be noted that Malcolm works solely in the role of consultant. He is not a securities dealer, investment firm, or registered financial advisor.