Consulting History

  • From the Desk of Malcolm McGuire

    Twenty seven years ago, I made the value judgement to dramatically alter my sphere of influence. Up to that point, I had been a large producer, manager, partner, and officer with four major wall street firms.

    Malcolm and Christina with Steve Forbes

    Malcolm and Christina with Steve Forbes (right)

    Over time, the investment business itself had undergone enormous change. The stock broker was increasingly being relegated to the role of purveyor of product.

    I made the decision to create my own firm And to commit my talents, resources, and relationships to the universe of young emerging technology, product, and service companies.

    A single philosophy would shape my future, “that all things being equal, people do business with their friends”. Over 25 years, I have built a National Network of retail and institutional stock brokers, investment banking firms, corporate bankers, analysts, financial writers, venture capitalists, money managers, as well as some of America’s most prestigious law firms. These are my business associates, but also my friends. The road to Wall Street is paved with personal relationships.

    What Does the Last Quarter of a Century Look Like?

    • 65 Public and private corporate clients (some of these were clients for up to 10 years)
    • Clients from 26 different industries
    • From 19 different States
    • Assisted in 13 Reverse Mergers/Alternative Public Offerings plus a large number of Private Placements, IPO’s, and Secondary Offerings.
    • Introduced Sources of Capital to client companies in excess of $250 million dollars.
    • Assisted Clients with strategic partners, introduction to capital, high profile board members, Investment Banker introductions, and facilitated relationships with virtually every facet of the Investment Community.
    • Assisted in Clients conceptualizing their business
    • Participated in writing and preparation of Corporate materials
    • Served as Board Member when appropriate

    In terms of the building of corporate value and investor wealth, a significantly large number of my public and private clients have had strong performance for substantial periods of time, and in the process created measurable management and investor wealth.

    I also number many outright home runs who have been clients of mine. Some that you will recognize and remember include:

    • Xedar – Acquired by IHS (NYSE)
    • Acres Gaming – In one year, went from 2 to 21 and was ultimately bought by IGT
    • I D Biomedical – purchased by Glaxosmithkline for over $30 a share.
    • Infrasonics – Acquired by Nelcor
    • Montana Mills Bread – Bought by Krispy Kreme
    • Simula – Acquired by BAE Systems
    • Miramar Mining – Purchased by Newmont Mining
    • Criticare Systems – Acquired by Opto Circuits (India)
    • Air Methods – Has become the Nation’s leading provider of air medical transportation
    • Whiting Petroleum – Trades on the NYSE
    • CEDC – one of the most successful IPO’s of the last 15 years.
    • Female Health Company – At the forefront of the battle against AIDS in third world countries
    • Campus Food / Dotmenu – leading on-line provider of take-out food for college students
    • Internet Communications – A pioneer virtually before the internet existed
    • Uroplasty – Developing new technologies to battle the demeaning disease of incontinence
    • Blackwater Midstream – Acquired by ArcLight

    These Companies are representative of clients of mine who have created new technologies, broken new product ground and in some cases defined their industries.

    I work in the field of new concepts, new ideas, new ways of doing things… Realistically a FIELD OF DREAMS. Ours is a high risk, high reward environment where there are no guarantees, and many obstacles.

    Our Clients hunger for capital, face regulatory hurdles, struggle for recognition, pioneer new paths, diagnose and cure disease, extend longevity, improve the quality of life, build society’s communication infrastructure, protect America, and develop its energy resources.

    There is no sector that is more important to America’s future and no where that I would rather be! I am not a money manager, investment banker, securities dealer, or registered financial advisor. I am a consultant to those companies who are building tomorrow.

    Malcolm McGuire

    A Career is a Process, Not an Event

    As I said recently to an associate, many of us have great resume’s, but they must be constantly updated. Those of us who are commissioned to “make things happen” must constantly be in the accomplishing mode.

    History is made up of watershed events, those times when the world changes direction. In 2009, we experienced one of those times. Unemployment skyrocketed, great investment firms imploded. Those too big to fail, did in fact fail. Corporations upon whom America had always depended went into bankruptcy or required Government intervention.

    It therefor becomes helpful to review the activities of Malcolm McGuire & Assoc., LLC since that 2009 historical interruption. What have we been doing over the last four years as the financial service business has itself been regrouping.

    We introduced capital in excess of $7 million dollars to Heart Test Labs for the continued development of the MyoVista. The MyoVista medical device, with the simplicity of an EKG provides valuable diagnostic data with an almost 90% equivalency to an expensive, invasive angiogram.

    A former client, Xedar, was acquired by IHS ( NYSE ). At the time of the acquisition, over 7% of Xedar stock was owned by one of our closest relationships as a result of our introduction.

    Our client, Blackwater Midstream was acquired by New York based, ArcLight for an approximate $47 million dollars.

    Long time client, American Power Group, has continued The development and sales of its innovative dual-fuel technology by which a diesel engine is enabled to run on both diesel and natural gas, and the ability to move seamlessly between the two. The result is a significant cost savings and a major cut in harmful emissions. In 2013, APGI doubled revenues to an approximate $7 million dollars and we anticipate a similar doubling in fiscal 2014. We assisted in bridge financing leading up to their major institutional infusion of capital. APGO stock was up 62% for the last 12 months and we believe that it has just begun. Our broker friends continue to hold a significant position in the APGI stock.

    During this same recent four year span, we introduced European capital approximating $35 million dollars for oil and gas drilling in South Texas as well as the purchase of a natural gas pipeline. We are presently exploring a participation in a older proven oil field which by using new drilling techniques and a water flood program, we can produce excellent results with minimal risks.

    We are presently consulting with and assisting WestMountain Gold. Our broker relationships now hold over one million shares of the WMTN stock and our relationships are assisting in the infusion of capital to fund the mining activities. This is a major Alaskan Mining Project with very large potential.

    Funding and consulting activities have already begun with Somnus, which represents the opportunity to both define and consolidate the Sleep Deprivation Industry. This Industry is fragmented, composed of many small players, lacks direction and definition, but still is measured at over $24 blllion dollars Annually. The opportunity here is substantial. I am an equity participant and a key part of the Simnus team as we believe that we can maximize the potential of, pardon the pun, this sleeping industry. Receent studies indicate that sleeping problems contribute to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and even some cancers. By treating the root cause of these major health issues, we represent preventive medicine at its very best.

    With US healthcare experiencing major trauma from Government intervention, escalating costs, and a multiplicity of flaws, it will be a National nightmare for decades. The age old patient/Doctor relationship is being seriously eroded with the role of the Doctor being diminished and the patient becoming a statistic Cost equations are becoming more important than people. We are consulting with a Client Company, Emergency Medical Navigation whose intent is to return healthcare to its basics. When a patient is faced with a medical intervention, Expert Medical Navigation, EMN, enables a patient and their Physician to work in concert to achieve optimum results and explore all treatment options, focused on an ultimate better patient outcome. This will bring the desired healthcare efficiency and cost containment. An empowered patient and an enabled Physician are the desired outcome of the EMN program, technology platform, and educational process. We believe that with EMN, we have the opportunity to “break new ground” in the healthcare revolution.

    The ultimate future of healthcare is in preventive medicine and early diagnosis. We are in discussions to launch a mobile breast imaging company, IBIS. This Houston based Company Is presently raising capital to send a fleet of breast imaging units equipped with the Hologic 3-D imaging technology into the Houston area workplaces to bring the very best in technology to women where they work and live. It has been found that many women do not have needed mammograms because the biggest obstacles are convenience and accessibility. There are already corporate commitments to IBIS that will provide over 40,000 patients the very first year, resulting in first year revenues in the $ 7 million dollar range.

    These are bold and ambitious objectives which myself and my associates have set for ourselves. The world around us is changing, facing new challenges and experiencing new problems, and we want to be a part of its future. Our past Is filled with great success stories, but we believe that the future Is where we want to be.

    Malcolm McGuire