An Entrepreneurs Guide to Building Young Companies
  • As I have often said, building a young company and translating an idea into reality is an imperfect science.

    However, after almost three decades and close to a hundred clients in this emerging universe, I have learned some valuable lessons that continue over time to be true.

    My clients have been the dreamers who refused to give up and who created significant value for themselves and the investors who believed in them. The end result has been ultimate valuation for some former clients in the tens of millions of dollars. Others saw their valuations grow into hundreds of millions, and some have even taken on billion dollar status. This is the world of the tenacious dreamers.

    From time to time, I have analyzed my success stories and worked to identify what made these clients companies achieve greatness. These are very simple thoughts and rules, but they are almost always true.

    I thought that it might be helpful to include them as a part of my web site. They include:

    • Common Sense Rules for Start Up Companies
    • Winning Characteristics of Young Companies
    • Malcolm’s Eleven Rules for Raising Capital
    • If You Want to Finish First, You must first Finish
    • The Valuation of Pre Revenue/ young Companies

    I trust that you will find these helpful and I will be happy to discuss them with you. I may be reached at 1-480-991-3305 or

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